How to make an essay longer

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Students always face a number of problems in writing:

  • Where to begin?
  • How to make a work plan?
  • Where to get the information?
  • How to make references?

And despite the fact that there is plenty of information today, not everyone can write quality work and withstand the required volume. We have several useful tips on how to do work quickly and meet all the requirements of the teacher.

Increase the font

I remember how long I used 12 font size for all my works, which is why I had to write quite a lot. If the font is not specified, it can always be increased. The standard is 14 font and 1.5 spacing.

Add epigraph

Many students forget about the epigraph or do not know how to pick it up, but it increases the amount of text in a paragraph. In addition, teachers like it because you show your awareness.

In fact, it is straightforward. You just need to enter quotes in the search engine. Quotes of great people about love, friendship, business, money, etc. are required. Feel free to use words from famous poems or favorite songs.

Break your work into chapters and paragraphs

Required for the essay introduction, theoretical and practical parts, conclusion and bibliography should be in almost any work.

Each chapter can be started on a new page. This dramatically increases the amount of work.

Do more paragraphs

But remember that the paragraph contains a complete thought, which should be associated with the following.

Add links to used literature

This is done via the references page at the bottom of the page. So you will show that you know how to use educational literature and correctly draw quotes. Do not forget to place the borrowed text in quotes.

Add a list of references

It is not mandatory in some types of student work. So essays on films, programs, video lessons usually do not require the use of textbooks because you write your impression. However, it is based on something previously studied. So feel free to add a list of references. It also visually increases the work.